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Prepaid Cellular Plans:

Prepaid Cellular plans are cost effective and no annual or long-term contract required.  You can buy a wireless phone and a prepaid minutes card that can be used for a limited period of time. Prepaid Cell Phone cards are available in various denominations. You will have the freedom of choosing the service provider, but before you buy the phone you  have to decide which carrier you want to signup with.
In recent days there are new service providers who are offering monthly plans with unlimited nights and weekends plan that doesn't require credit check unlike the regular cellular plans with contracts. Click Here for Plans and Service Providers!

Why Prepaid?

  • When you want a phone for safety without the monthly bill or long-term contract.
  • When you doesn't have better credit score.
  • If you want a phone for your children, but want to control their usage.
  • Great for the Adult On The Go, Teenagers, Young Children and an Inexpensive Solution for the Family to Stay in Touch!

  • How To Use?
    You simply input the airtime PIN (can be found on the Prepaid Cellular Phone Card) once to your prepay cellphone, and you can make and receive calls just like you're using a regular phone. No Extra Numbers to dial, except when you're roaming (Outside of the included long distance service area).

    Prepaid Cellular Plan Features:

    The following features are commonly included with the prepaid plans but it may vary from each cellular carrier.
    • Free voice mail
    • Free caller ID
    • Free call waiting
    • Nationwide long distance
    • Pay as you go
    • Nationwide service
    • Minutes/ airtime may not expire with active service or is Good for 90 days with some providers
    • Rates include all wireless taxes & fees
    • Airtime balance display
    • No contracts
    • No monthly bills
    • No credit checks
    • No deposits
    • No age limits
    • No activation/ reactivation or cancellation fees
    • No hidden costs

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