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Call India from Indonesia:

NobelCom India Calling Cards: - All India 45.5˘, New Delhi, Bombay, Madras, Hyderabad 39.9˘, Bangalore 35.9˘ per minute.

Card Name Connection
Max Min.
$10 Card
Max Min.
$20 Card
Asia Clean Card w/
1 Min. Billing
$0.00 20 40 details
Asia Express $0.00 29 58 details
Fiji Island Express $0.00 21 42 details
India City Connect - 9.9˘/min $1.25 details
IndiaXpress $0.00 36 72 details
New York Express $0.50 46 92 details
Real Time India Proper
60 Second Billing
$0.00 details
U-CALL $0.00 25 50 details

PC-To-PC/ PC-To-Phone Calls:

   iConnectHere iSavings -
All India 47˘, New Delhi, Medras, Hyderabad, Bangalore 39˘ per minute. Rates as low as 1.2 ˘ a minute to make calls anywhere in the world using your computer. Each PC-to-phone account includes calling card service so you can make calls even when you are away from your PC. Receive calls from anyone, anywhere in the world. Get voicemail messages that can be accessed from the web or any telephone. Download iConnectHere’s PC-to-Phone Dialer now! 

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Free Calling Cards: Upto 400 free minutes of free long distance calls.

No Connection Fee Cards:
Note: - There might be a weekly maintenance fee on some calling cards..
   Nobel Calling - All Inida-27˘(3-min rounding), Bombay-19.5˘, Hyderabad & Bangalore-19.8˘, Medras & Delhi-22.5˘ (1-min rounding) and more..
   TalkToHome Calling Card- All India 29.7 cents (1-min rounding).. For $9.50 you get 32 min.
   WQN Calling Cards Bangalore & N. Delhi-21˘. Hyderabad,Mumbai,Chennai-25˘. All of India 33˘. 1 min rounding..
   Namaste Calling Cards Bangalore,N. Delhi,Hyderbad-23˘ (1-min rounding). Chennai,Pune,Punjab,Amedabad-28˘(3-min rounding). All of India-37˘. 1 min rounding..
   IndiaPlaza Cards - All India-27.9˘. Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi- 23.7˘ (3-min rounding). Chennai-25˘ (1-min rounding).
   PhoneShark.com -All india 32˘. All major brand Phonecards and Cellular phone cards.
   Vdtelecom All india-36˘, 3-min rounding. Major cities between 18˘ and 25˘. 3-min rounding.
   Reliablecom All india-29˘, 3-min rounding. 44˘/1-Sec rounding. Madras & Bangalore-22˘,Mumbai & Hyderabad-21˘
   9278.com All india-25˘ (6-minute rounding), Mumbai-12˘, Bangalore,Hyderabad & Delhi-9˘. 3-min rounding.
   Razacomm - All india-33˘ 1-min rounding..

   More India Calling Cards Compare And Buy Now!

India Link Exchange
India Link Exchange

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