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10 10 Dial Around Numbers

Click Here for Information on 10 10 Numbers and Dialing Instructions!

Plan Name Interstate Rate
10 10 Number: 101-5335 Dial Around Service
101-5335: 3.9 Per minute for the first 10 minutes and only 4.9 per additional minute for all calls anywhere in the USA.
CANADA 3.9, MALAYSIA 8, MEXICO 11, UNITED KINGDOM 3.9, INDIA 25 and excellent international rates to other countries.
No monthly fees. No switching long distance companies. 
Activation code :450077 is required to get these rates.
3.9 per minute.

10 minute minimum per call. Save on long calls.

Click Here for more details.
10-10-629 Dial Around Service
10-10-629: Just 4.9 for all state-to-state calls, with no minimums.
Calls are billed in one-minute increments. 10-10-629 offers competitive intrastate rates as low as 3.9 per minute. CANADA 3.9, UNITED KINGDOM 3.9, AUSTRALIA 7, NEW ZEALAND 8, SINGAPORE 6...  
Low international rates.
Activation code :450077 is required to get these rates.
4.9 per minute

1 minute rounding.
No Monthly Fee! 

Click Here for more details.

Free Calling Cards

Dial-around service with no need to dial 10-10 numbers, 5.9 cents per minute Info Order
PowerDial 3.9 cents/min dial-around service with 60-second billing and 24-hour customer service... Info Order
Supports multiple users in different locations, built-in contact manager, cellphone solutions for international callers and more... Info Order
Kallcents offers the inexpensive alternative to your long distance Info Order
Direct dial long distance with super low USA and International rates!2.3/Minute. Info Order

10 10 220 Dial Around Number
  • $1.20 for all calls up to 10 minutes and
    20 a minute after that.
  • And  No commitments, no signing-up ,No monthly plan fees
  • 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Charges appear on your regular phone bill.
    For more information Click  Here
10 10 345 Dial Around Number
  • 5* a minute anytime on all state-to-state calls from home
  • 30 connection fee per call.
  • NO monthly fee.
  • Fractions are rounded to the nearest cent on each call.
    For more information Click  
10 10 321 Dial Around Number
  • Just 18* a minute. Rates may vary based on calling from and to area codes.
  • 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Universal Service Fee is a 10.5% charge may apply*.
  • Not recommended for international calls.
    For more information Click  Here
10 10 457 Dial Around Number
  • 4* per minute Between 7:00 PM and 6:59 AM
  • 10 per minute. Between 7:00 AM and 6:59 PM
  • Five minute minimum applies.
  • Intra-state (within state) rates will vary by state.
  • NO Monthly Access Fees!
  • No Sign Up!,No Contracts!
  • Universal Service Fund fee may apply
    For more information Click  Here

10 10 DialAround Numbers in USA

* Disclaimer : Most of the information provided here is latest and collected from the service provider websites. We cannot guarantee the rates, since the companies Rates are subject to change at anytime. But we will update the information in a regular basis.

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