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Calling Cards to Laos from USA

Pre-paid Phone Cards: From United States

Card Name/
Site name

Rate/ minute 

Connection Fee Total Minutes Rounding

Service Provider

Details/ Buy Options Calling Country/ City Additional Fee/ Comments
Free Phone Cards 0 $0.00 Up to 400 minutes 1-Minute     Anywhere You may need to enter your email address.
Nobel Calling 21.9 $0.00 92 4-minute NobelCom Buy $20.00  Laos 99 Maintenance Fee per week
Genesis Phone Card 30 $0.00 33/66 1-minute TGI Buy $10.00/ $20.00 Laos 59 cents semi-monthly maintenance fee.
Speedy Pin 23 $0.00 43 1-minute Unknown Buy $10.00 All India 50 Weekly  maintenance fee.

Product Name & Info.

Service Provider

Rate/ Minute

Total Min.

Connection Fee

Denominations Available


Calling Country


Nobel LOVE NobelCom $0.219 91 $0.99 $20.00 Buy Now! Laos  
Nobel PENNY SAVER NobelCom $0.02 962 $0.75 $20.00 Buy Now! Canada Billing Increments 3-minute. Maintenance Fee 75 per week.
Net2Phone Direct Net2Phone $0.039 256 $0.00 $25, $100, $250 Buy Now! Canada Get up to 75 minutes of FREE PC to Phone calls.
ZapTel Radiant $0.07 176 $0.00 $20.00 Buy Now! Canada Billing Increments 3 minute. 20% per min discnt on 1st call!Click on card name for details
GlobalCall GlobalCall $0.10 100 $0.00 $10.00 Buy Now! Canada Rechargeable calling card. Iscard(tm) $0.109 91 $0.00 $10, $20, $50, & $100 Buy Now! Canada Rechargeable. Billing Increments 1 minute. No other fees or taxes apply.
WQN WorldQuest $0.12 83 $0.00 $20, $35 Buy Now! Australia Billing Increments 1 minute. No other fees.

Free PC-To-Phone:
   Unlimited Free Calling anywhere in US from a computer to any phone. Click Here!

Free Calling Cards:
   Just Submit your email address and receive free calling cards up
to 50 minutes long. Click Here!


* IMPORTANT: Most of the information provided here is latest and collected from their websites. We cannot guaranty the rates, since the companies Rates are subject to change anytime. But we will update the information in a regular basis.